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When understanding math is a problem, ModuMath is the solution.

Created by professional educators, ModuMath's approach is tailored to the needs of students who have had little success with classroom/textbook instruction.

Effective, engaging content for active learning.
ModuMath Basic Math and Algebra includes 83 interactive video lessons designed for learners who struggle with math. The lessons feature contextual tutorials in an engaging audio/visual presentation. Embedded in the interactive lessons are formative comprehension checks that adapt the content and pace to the needs of each learner. The same series of adaptive lessons is at the heart of two packages: ModuMath Courseware and ModuMath Online. 


ModuMath Courseware

ModuMath Courseware is designed for use in a math lab, learning center or library. It includes:

  • Interactive Video Lessons
  • Prescriptive Tests
  • Competency Tests
  • Records Management System
  • Supplemental Study Guides available

ModuMath Online

ModuMath Online lets learners study on campus or at home. It can be used with or without a Learning Management System. It includes:

  • Linear or Interactive Video Lessons
  • Closed Captions
  • Downloadable Study Guide Chapters
  • LMS-compatible Lesson Quizzes and Unit Tests

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