ModuMath Basic Math and Algebra


ModuMath Basic Math and ModuMath Algebra explain the problem-solving process one step at a time. Real-life applications of mathematical concepts are explored in each of the 51 Basic Math and 32 Algebra adaptive video lessons.

The ModuMath lessons give learners immediate feedback, control over the pace of instruction, and ample opportunities for review. And because ModuMath is so easy to use, students spend their time learning math, not another piece of software.

View an online video that demonstrates how our lessons make students active learners.

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Basic Math

ModuMath Basic Math covers arithmetic
concepts and applications:

  • whole number operations
  • fractions
  • decimals and percent
  • square roots and exponents
  • signed numbers
  • measurement and unit conversion

Basic Math Learning Objectives


Lesson Titles


ModuMath Algebra provides a comprehensive introductory algebra curriculum:

  • operations with algebraic expressions
  • solving word problems
  • linear equations
  • graphing
  • systems of equations
  • factoring
  • quadratic equations
  • rational expressions

Algebra Learning Objectives

Lesson Titles


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