ModuMath Basic Math and Algebra

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To contact ModuMath technical support call our 800 number or send us an email at Before you call, you should know the version of the software, as well as basic information about your hardware and operating system. Our most common questions are about transferring video CD files to network drives and lost passwords. See "Help" for more information.

Non-technical errors can be documented by pressing the F11 key in lessons or tests. This will display information that will allow us to quickly locate the error.
In lessons, page information will appear in red in the upper left corner of the screen. In tests, the question number will appear in the upper right corner.
Write this information down before calling Tech Support. The F11 feature is also available when students and instructors review a test.

To report a non-technical error:

  • In lessons. We'll want to know the lesson number, section number and page information displayed by the F11 key.
  • In tests. We'll want to know the test number and the question number displayed by the F11 key.


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