ModuMath Basic Math and Algebra

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I subscribe to ModuMath Online Video?
ModuMath Online Video is available to educational institutions with an annual subscription. Subscriptions can be purchased on a per student basis or for an unlimited number of students at your organization. How to Order...

What is the easiest way to implement ModuMath Online Video at my institution?
To give your learners access to ModuMath Online Video, you need to communicate two things:

  1. The web address of your institution's landing page for ModuMath Online.
  2. A username and password to login to the content page.

Once learners know the landing page addresss and the username/password, they can view ModuMath Onlinve Video from any computer that has a high speed internet connection.

How can I use the links to ModuMath Online Video in my institution's online Learning Management System?
Use ModuMath Online Video in your LMS if you need to keep records on learner performance. To implement ModuMath in your LMS, we’ll give you a list of links for each course. Then you can just copy and paste them into your LMS. Annual subscriptions include files for lesson quizzes and unit tests, which you may upload to your LMS.

How can I use the ModuMath Quizzes and Unit Tests in my LMS?
Most popular LMSs, such as Blackboard, Moodle, D2L, iCanvas, eCollege, and WebCT support our quiz content. Let us know which LMS version you are using and we’ll help you deploy the quiz files.

Does the network administrator at my college need to change campus internet options to enable ModuMath?
In most cases, your technical staff will not need to do anything for your learners to use ModuMath. Because ModuMath Online Video uses Flash video, your network administrator must have enabled TCP port 1935 for RTMP. If you can see the video from your home computer, but not computers at your college, talk to your network adminstrator about enabling RTMP.

Can ModuMath Online be used on tablet devices?
ModuMath Online Video uses Flash technology. You may need to download a browser app for your device that is Flash compatible.


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