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Lost username/password
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Technical specs for all users
PC Users: hardware/software requirements
Mac Users: hardware/software requirements
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Lost Username/Password
If you have lost your username/password, contact the instructor who directed you to use ModuMath Online Video. ModuMath is available only to students enrolled at schools that have an annual subscription.


Can't log in

If you are having trouble logging in, first check that you are entering your username and password correctly. Usernames and passwords are case sensitive, so make sure the Caps Lock key is not on. If you have forgotten your password, contact your instructor.

If you do not see a login window, you may need to turn off the popup blocker in your browser.


Technical Specifications for All Users
  • Internet connection: 256 kbps DSL, cable modem, or better. This content is not designed for dial-up users. NOTE: If you are connecting to the Internet via a LAN/WAN and cannot view the content, contact your IT department. Some networks use firewalls to prevent viewing of media files. You may also need to contact your IT department for the Adobe Reader and Flash browser plug-ins.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader: Version 5 or better is required to open the Study Guide files. You can download the free Acrobat Reader from
  • Adobe Flash Player: Version 9 or better is required to view the ModuMath content. You can download the free Flash Player from
  • Screen Resolution: Recommended 1024 x 768. If your screen is set to a lower resolution, you may have to use your browser's scrollbars to see all of the content.
  • Computer Memory: Minimum 256 MB RAM; 512 MB recommended.
  • Video and Audio: 16-bit video display card and 16-bit sound card and speakers.
  • Browser Settings: Depending on your browser, you may need to disable your pop-up blocker to see the Study Guide Chapters, which opens in a new browser window. Your browser may also prompted you, by asking if you want to allow the content, which is in PDF form.


PC Users
Hardware: Pentium 3 or better
Operating System: Windows 98 and up
Browser: Internet Explorer 6+ , Firefox 1+

Mac Users
Hardware: Power PC, G3 or better
Operating System: Mac OS 8 or better
Browser: Internet Explorer 6+ , Firefox 1+, Safari 3



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