ModuMath Basic Math and Algebra

How To Order ModuMath Online

ModuMath Online can be used with or without an LMS. If your institution uses Blackboard, we can provide you with course files for import. Each course consists of:

  • contextual, adaptive video lessons
  • lesson quizzes with randomly generated questions (ask about availabilty on your LMS)
  • unit tests to support long-term retention (ask about availabilty on your LMS)
  • downloadable Study Guide chapters associated with each lesson
On an enrollment basis:

Your institution can make ModuMath courses available anywhere, any time to under-prepared math learners for only $45 per student.

On an institution-wide basis:

For only $4000 per course, your institution can allow unlimited access to course lessons, tests, and Study Guide chapters for an entire year. Enroll some of all of your remedial students for twelve full months for this single low price.



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