ModuMath Basic Math and Algebra


ModuMath Online helps learners who struggle to learn math -- from the most basic mathematical operations up through introductory algebraic concepts. And because it's online, students can learn anytime/anywhere they have internet access.

ModuMath Online includes:

  • 51 Basic Math lessons
  • 32 Algebra lessons
  • Topic links within each lesson
  • Closed captions
  • Printable study guide chapters

Basic Math

ModuMath Basic Math covers arithmetic
concepts and applications:

  • whole number operations
  • fractions
  • decimals and percent
  • square roots and exponents
  • signed numbers
  • measurement and unit conversion

Basic Math Learning Objectives


Lesson Titles


ModuMath Algebra provides a comprehensive introductory algebra curriculum:

  • operations with algebraic expressions
  • solving word problems
  • linear equations
  • graphing
  • systems of equations
  • factoring
  • quadratic equations
  • rational expressions

Algebra Learning Objectives

Lesson Titles


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